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In essence, it’s a zine “by the people, for the people.” Left or right, gay or straight, male, female, animal, vegetable, mineral… Anyone from any state, country, or cultural background is welcome to share their experiences, opinions, stories, and art, whether it be personal, political, controversial, tame, profane, pure, satirical, or seductive.


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“Tell them what you cannot stand for, then show them what you do stand for.”
Let’s start somewhere. State your grievances…. Air them to the world. Nail them to a wall, or just send them to our inbox. We’re good listeners.

Call for Submissions! Submit your fiction, nonfiction, or 2Dart as a word document, pdf, or jpeg to: airyourgrievances@gmail.com. The Spring issue will have a theme of Love & Relationship Grievances. The deadline for submissions for the third issue is February 28, 2016. February 30th is GrievancesCopiesa day I made up to see if anyone was paying attention. Please remember this is PRINT (& out of poc
ket) so keep your word count down (make them count).



Issue 1 launch: Summer 2014 . Villa Ville Arts Festival . Columbia, SC
Issue 2 launch: Thanksgiving 2015 . Philadelphia, PA
Issue 2 launch: Thanksgiving 2015 . Philadelphia, PA
Downtown Books & News in Asheville houses a great collection of international zines, including Grievances issues 1, 2, and issue 3-to-be: Out this spring.
Grievances is also available at Papa Jazz Record Shoppe on Greene Street in Columbia, SC . Thanks, Woody & friends!


These cool cats peruse Grievances issue 2 available at Sid & Nancy in 5 Points . Columbia, SC