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Lorna Festa is currently seeking an agent to assist in finding a publisher to buy her manuscript. Killer & the Crooks is a work of Southern fiction resonating with Millennials. The narrator Dorn Alva is cast as a villain. He represents an extreme—the epitome of the Peter Pan complex, surrounded by broken families, drugs, sex, and crime.

By becoming a part of Dorn’s crisis, through his somehow charming, acutely conscious eye, the reader will find his own scope bending, so that he is able to empathize with a sordid individual and perhaps undergo a transformation along with Dorn. His point-of-view is essential to provide a set of unique ideals and then show how they are challenged in his search for authenticity. Dorn’s sort of “new realism” examines the conscious and subconscious, and this juxtaposition forms the skewed reality of the story.

Killer takes place in modern Southeast United States. The town name is obscurely given as South Town. The year is specifically 2006, which would place Dorn’s birth in 1978, at the very beginning of the generation at hand. Dorn’s housemate and foil, Seth, was born in 1987, towards the middle of the age range. Generation Y is commonly referenced as including those born in the late seventies through the end of the 20th century.

The vision for Killer is to obtain a bombardment of media and pop culture through frequent references to simulate and even exaggerate the volumes of media in the current age. The novel opens with a Table of Contents, like a childhood classic would list a chronicle of adventures. The book is divided into three parts, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. These sections represent the archetypes for these seasons, while the absence of Spring symbolizes the loss of a true childhood. However, the extension of a warped childhood on the verge of adulthood (growing up too fast, while never completely growing up) is represented by the prolonged heat of Summer.

Killer explores the effects of natural disasters, evolutionary theory, and modern events such as Hurricane Katrina & 9/11, but focuses on the scintillating saga of a group of hipsters at odds with each other and their internal hedonistic impulses, while struggling to find a place in society.

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