So, I had this professor Ben Greer for poetry at USC in Columbia, SC. My friend Jenny Kwan and I would sit in his class or skip his class together. Either way, some productive writing discussion was had.

He made us write these incredibly difficult Welsh poems called cywydds in his class. Here are the three I wrote:

camusExistential Dilemma

I am indifferent to you
and your many writings, Camus.
Though praise is due, I’ll laud not,
but to be your rebel I’ll try.
Still, our shared fate is but to die.
I won’t ask why; I care not.

My Cell Phone Doesn’t Get Reception at the Gates of Hell
(Also the title of my old band Android Opera’s first album)RodinHellGates

Can’t receive your incoming call—
Verizon sure has fucking gall.
And here I stall—useless cell—
my network tends to make me wait.
Roaming, my reception’s not great,
here at the gate, outside hell.





Deathbed Plea

graveyardstatuetteI’m cold and wish you would come nigh
and sit beside me where I lie.
No will to die, it comes soon—
the netherworld—as knife from sheath.
Death clenches me in grip of teeth,
a shade, beneath glow of moon.

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